My partner in crime is a kick-ass project manager for reVISION Custom Home Renovations. He managed this unbelievable outdoor kitchen that has been winning awards left, right, and center. Last month, it was showcased in the GVBHA’s Parade of Renovated Homes. To spice up the showing, reVISION brought along the My Edible Advice Crew to grill […]

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our American pals! I didn’t grow up eating pecan pie but, I love pecans and I love pie so I thought why not give it a go. After all, it is our neighbour’s harvest holiday, so clearly I should be celebrating by eating a traditional dessert. This recipe is very […]

  Though I do like my steak every so often, after reading chapter 4, I’m definitely feeling a bit squeamish now about chowing down on animal body parts. Kris Carr does a good job of telling the grisly truth about the factory farms where a majority of our meat comes from. To sum it all […]

As Kris Carr states: “food is romantic, creative and devine.” But why don’t most of us treat it (and our bodies) with the respect that they need? Think about the times you’ve scarfed down your breakfast in 30 seconds as you ran to work, or maybe that strict diet plan you followed that left you […]

Trying to find some great reads for the summer months? Well look no further, because I am introducing to you the My Edible Advice Summer Book Club! I am an intern here at My Edible Advice, and since I am always interested in learning more about nutrition and diets, the book picks for this summer […]

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