“It's so worth the small investment”

Dear Jennifer:

I am writing to thank you so much for all the help you have provided our family!! I can’t believe the overall improvement in my children’s health and vitality after you tested them for food sensitivities and let us know which foods to avoid, and which supplements to add to their diets.The change in my son has been drastic. He has gone from being listless, and even sickly, to energetic, happy and robust!! The difference is amazing. I could not have imagined that something as simple as addressing his allergies would make such a dramatic change…I will be telling all my other “Mommy Friends” and suggesting they all have their kids tested as well…It’s so worth the small investment. Thanks again for your kindness and expertise!


— H.D.

I have never felt better in my life.

Dear Jennifer:

Thank you for taking such good care of me from the moment I walked into your office. Trust me, I have been to a lot of medical offices in this city and have never felt as comfortable and cared for as when I am with you. I have been dealing with my IBS for years and can hardly believe what a difference our work together and your incredible expertise has made. I have never felt better in my life. 

The only thing I would change is that I sought your advice sooner. It would have saved me so much grief! Get ready to meet everyone I know. 

From the bottom of my heart, thank you,

— L.W.

Jennifer is an expert in her field. If you want to work with the best nutritrionist in Vancouver, you have come to the right place. It's as simple as that.

— A.S.


I want to thank you for really helping me to get on track to what I believe to be my 'new life'.

Dear Jennifer,

I want to thank you for really helping me to get on track to what I believe to be my “new life”. The allergy sensitivity testing I see as only the beginning to open my eyes to what I needed to do in order to get my health, well-being and fitness back on track. I know my kids will thank you as well! The testing was non-invasive, very informative and contagious as far as the desire for my friends and coworkers to do the same! Expect to see many referrals and happy returns for your wonderful advice and support. I immediately walked out of our appointment and shopped for healthier foods, and picked up the vitamins/supplements I was lacking as a result of the testing.

Thank you, love you, owe you!

— S.M.

The testing was a very empowering experience for me.


Highly Recommended: I made an appointment to see Jennifer after I experienced a major life crisis. Before my initial consultation with Jennifer, I was so blindly unaware of the damage that stress had taken on my body. After a very thorough consultation, I was very excited to begin the Food Sensitivity Test using the BioMerdian technology. The testing was a very empowering experience for me. The detailed results were immediate, and Jennifer addressed the imbalances that were detected by the program. She proceeded to provide remedies and dietary suggestions to cleanse my body of its impurities and to optimize the state of my health. For anyone looking for a comprehensive and customized nutritional program, I would highly recommend Jennifer. Vancouver is lucky to have such a warm and compassionate Holistic Nutritionist! My body thanks you Jennifer.

— E.J.

I’ve gone from “living to eat” to “eating to live” and its a FANTASTIC feeling

Hi Jennifer!

I have been sticking to the meal plan and what is good for my body and what isn’t! I have had a cheat meal here and there, but I’m finding as time goes by my body is almost rejecting those foods! I’m having a blast enjoying my new lifestyle and I’ve gone from “living to eat” to “eating to live” and its a FANTASTIC feeling!

I honestly (and you probably hear this a lot) thank you!!!!! I can’t tell you how horribly my body was functioning, I was constantly sweating for no reason, my waist line kept getting larger, and every time I ate, I could feel my heartbeat (that’s how hard my body was working to digest the food I was eating). Not to mention the constant feeling of being lethargic and constantly being tired. :S

Jennifer, I am loving my new diet, I’m completely following the guidelines of the foods which are healthy for my body. And I’m enjoying trying out new recipes. I’m slowly getting into trying out different salads…it’s amazing, I honestly do NOT understand why people complain so much about eating healthfully. I thought I would be craving something here and there but I haven’t! I’ve also started going to the gym and truly loving the body I have, I’ve never felt so at peace with myself! I’ve started setting up small daily goals for myself, I created a “wall of encouragement” with post-it notes of encouragement, and I make myself hit the gym at least once a day!

Thank you, thank you, thank you,

— N.J.


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